CCBR typically has 15-20 ongoing projects and has completed over 450 projects since 1982. Each project is guided by our commitment to impacting social change in practical and powerful ways. We conduct research with people not on people, cultivating respect with communities at every step of the process.

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    8931_Needs Assessment and Impact Evaluation Toolkit: Building the Evaluation Capacity of Ontario CAPC/ CPNP Projects

    This capacity-building project was tailored to early childhood and prenatal programs in the Ontario Network of CAPC/CPNP Projects. The Centre for Community Based Research consulted with stakeholders to inform the design of a digital toolkit for needs assessment and impact evaluation. The toolkit built was an interactive website with training materials (e.g., text-based descriptions, training slides, step-by-step guide, list of external resources, custom-made videos). Elements of the toolkit were piloted at workshops with Ontario CAPC/CPNP project staff, providing feedback for the finished product with the added benefit of training staff.

    8932_Researching Barriers to Gender-based Violence Services for Canadian Muslims Through Community-driven Knowledge Mobilization

    CCBR in partnership with MACC led a 2.5-year project to explore ways to overcome the barriers for Muslim women (e.g., language, status, Islamophobia, health limitations, disabilities) in Halton region in (a) disclosing gender-based violence and (b) seeking support from formal services and informal networks (e.g., family, friends, and community leaders).

    8934_Community Planning Forum for Newcomer Integration & Belonging

    CCBR supported HIPC in designing and delivering a community forum that invited newcomers and newcomer service providers to be involved in learning about and determining local community priorities. The event facilitated both knowledge sharing and relationship building. The goal was to ground the community’s priority setting and action planning in the experience and vision of the community members most impacted.

    8935_Community Based Theory of Change Study

    CCBR worked with the Senior Leadership of Food Banks Canada (FBC) to develop a Theory of Change guided by stakeholders across Canada. This Theory of Change sets the stage for FBC to plan and evaluate its activities in collaboration with the network of provincial associations with which Food Banks collaborates, and over 4,750 affiliate food banks.

    8941_Coaching and Consultation for Positive Actions: Breaking HIV Stigma

    The Centre for Community Based Research partnered with REACH Nexus on the project, Positive Actions: Breaking HIV Stigma to provide coaching, capacity-building, and consultation on e-learning module and workshop curriculum development. The national project aimed to develop, test, and scale HIV stigma reduction interventions regionally. CCBR developed an evaluation framework and supported in the evaluation of the Positive Action projects.

    8943_Consultant for Strategic Evaluation Approaches to Address Policy Gaps And Policy Panel Presentation for Mental Health Promotion

    The Centre for Community Based Research and The Knowledge Development and Exchange Hub (KDE) will work collaboratively to develop a series of events and resources on community-based evaluation to be hosted on the KDE hub website, providing support for its funded projects in promoting the mental health and well-being of Canadians.

    9000_ Secretariat for Community Based Research Canada
    CCBR provides secretariat services to Community-Based Research Canada (CBRC). CBRC is  a national champion and facilitator for community-based research (CBR) and campus-community engagement in Canada. As the secretariat, CCBR works on: membership drive, communication through newsletters, website maintenance, programming, including webinars and financial administration.