CCBR typically has 12-15 ongoing projects and has completed over 400 projects since 1982. Each project is guided by our commitment to impacting social change in practical and powerful ways. We conduct research with people not on people, cultivating respect with communities at every step of the process.

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    8983_ Mental Health and Cannabis
    CCBR was a consultant to Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) on their funded research projects on mental health and cannabis. CCBR assisted research teams 1) to develop research proposals, 2) to implement a community-based research approach, and 3) to evaluate their projects.
    8985_ Yellowknife Community Needs and Resource Assessment Workshop
    CCBR facilitated a workshop on community needs and resource assessment in Yellowknife NWT. The workshop was developed in collaboration with community stakeholders through the School of Developmental Studies at Aurora College.
    8989_ Food Bank Canada’s Collaborative Evaluation for Collective Impact
    This project laid the foundation for Food Banks Canada to evaluate its recently developed Strategic Planning Framework. The project involved developing evaluation capacity-building resources and an evaluation framework.
    8996_ Reducing Social Isolation among Syrian Refugee Parents/Caregivers and Isolated Seniors
    The purpose of this project was to develop and conduct action-oriented, user-driven, participatory research on how to reduce social isolation for parents and caregivers who stay at home with their children and for isolated seniors.
    8997_ Participatory Research Study with Syrian Refugee Youth
    The purpose of this study was to develop and conduct action-oriented, user-driven, participatory research to test solutions with Syrian refugee youth on issues and challenges that emerged as priority concerns (school integration, family responsibilities and mental health).
    9001_ Community-Based Research Excellence Tool Workshops
    The Community-Based Research Excellence Tool (CBRET) was developed by CCBR in response to a SSHRC-funded national summit. CBRET is a reflective tool to assess the quality and impact of community-based research projects and proposals. CCBR offers CBRET workshops.
    9005_ New Generation Youth (NGen) Centre

    CBR provided training, coaching, and resourcing to project researchers, community supporters, and youth researchers. The work was funded by INSPIRIT Foundation.

    9008_ Training in Indonesia and Familiarization Visit in Canada

    The purpose of this training and familiarization visit to Canada was to engage in learning about capacity for university-community engagement and build ongoing networking relationships between organizations active in community-based research. The project was funded by SILE.

    9023_ Certificate in Program Evaluation as Organizational Development at Wilfred Laurier University

    CCBR Co-Director was one instructor for a 13 unit course designed for people to evaluate, analyze and improve upon programs and/or services within the workplace. This mixed offering (on-line and in-class) course was offered by Wilfrid Laurier University’s Continuing and Part-Time Studies program in partnership with the Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action (CCRLA).

    9026_ Training in Canada and Indonesia

    The purpose of this project was to 1) provide advanced training on community-based research and 2) provide lecturers from various Indonesian universities and government officials with the opportunity to build capacity for university-community engagement through community-based research (CBR) structures. The training was funded by CIDA via Cowater International Inc.