CCBR typically has 12-15 ongoing projects and has completed over 400 projects since 1982. Each project is guided by our commitment to impacting social change in practical and powerful ways. We conduct research with people not on people, cultivating respect with communities at every step of the process.

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    8998_ Ann Viv Ansamn Youth-led Research in Haiti

    CCBR partnered with Mercy Corps, Conrad Grebel University College, and Community Justice Initiatives to conduct youth-led action research within a 26-month program designed to increase community security and reduce violence within four communities in the country of Haiti.

    9059_ Economics Course Focus Groups

    CCBR conducted 4 focus groups to gather students’ perceptions of the approach to teaching and learning in Economics 231: Introduction to International Economics Course at University of Waterloo. The research was funded by Barb Bloemhof.

    9093_ Strengthening Nurses, Nursing Networks, and Associations Program

    CCBR partnered with the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) to develop a user-friendly resource package for international partners of the CNA. The resources provide guidance and specific tools to partner organizations to build their capacity for management, administration, and governance in ways that facilitate strategic planning and organizational sustainability.

    9115_ Community-University Expo 2011

    CUExpo 2011 was a Canadian-led conference designed to showcase the exemplars in community-university partnerships worldwide and to introduce creative ways of strengthening our local communities.

    9152_ Evaluation of Right to Play’s CARE-Live Safe Play Safe Project in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Ghana

    This evaluation’s purpose was to assess the effectiveness of the Right to Play’s CARE Live Safe Play Safe project in three African countries by engaging a wide variety of stakeholders.

    9174_ Evaluation Support for Poverty and Intellectual Disability: The Invisible Development Challenge Project

    CCBR developed an evaluation framework and evaluation tools for a CIDA-funded project designed to raise awareness on the need to combat the exclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and to ensure that international development efforts include people with intellectual disabilities. The evaluation was funded by Canadian Association for Community Living.

    9176_ University Community Partnership Social Action Research Network (UCP SARNet)
    CCBR organized multi-disciplinary forums and conferences to promote participation within SARnet, a global internet community intended to bridge the social action knowledge, vision, ideas, and teaching opportunities of community practitioners, university faculty, and students. A conference in 2008 marked the official launch of this virtual community.
    9180_ Canadian Crossroads International (CCI) Volunteer Engagement Consultation

    CCBR developed a strategy and operational plan for CCI to achieve its public engagement objectives through volunteer engagement, as well as options and an operational plan for improving volunteer training and support.

    9200_ Evaluation Consultation for Right to Play

    CCBR reviewed and advised on assessment tools and processes developed for each component of the Red Ball Child’s Play (RBCP) curriculum and develop logic models for the curriculum.

    9202_ Monitoring of UCC-CIDA Co-financing Program

    CCBR gathered and analyzed data for monitoring of multi-country CIDA co-financing program, completed CIDA reporting requirements, and developed results-based grant applications for other funding sources. The research was funded by the Justice, Global & Ecumenical Relations Unit, United Church of Canada.