CCBR typically has 12-15 ongoing projects and has completed over 400 projects since 1982. Each project is guided by our commitment to impacting social change in practical and powerful ways. We conduct research with people not on people, cultivating respect with communities at every step of the process.

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    9003_ Evaluation Support of the Ontario Network of CAPC/CPNP Projects
    CCBR supported Carizon Family & Community Services in developing and implementing an evaluation of the Ontario Network of Community Action Program for Children and the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CAPC/CPNP).
    9014_ Food Banks Canada Evaluation
    This project involved conducting an evaluation to determine what types of investments, resources, and supports contribute to the strongest outcomes within Food Banks Canada’s new multi-faceted capacity-building initiative designed to increase food donations from retailers.
    9048_ CityKidz Evaluation

    The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the outcomes and implementation of CityKidz’ core programs for children living in poverty in Hamilton and to identify future directions for improving on and replicating these programs in low-income communities across Canada. The evaluation was funded by World Vision.

    9052_ Mental Health Needs Validation
    CCBR worked with CAMH in three communities (Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo and Timmins/Cochrane) to identify, review, and synthesize existing information about mental health system gaps within each community related to transition. The assessment was funded by Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH).
    9062_ Identifying Community Needs and Priorities

    CCBR provided research support to a community food security initiative in Chatham-Kent. The initiative identified community needs, priorities, and desired policies in order to improve access to healthy and local foods. CCBR developed data collection tools, analyzed the data, and wrote a comprehensive report for the municipality. The research was funded by Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit.

    9063_ Preschool Age Child Care Survey

    This project included the design and analysis of a feedback survey for parents with children in YMCA preschool programs in Hamilton, Burlington, and Brantford.

    9078_ Partners to End Child Poverty Outcome Evaluation

    This project was an outcome evaluation of World Vision Canadas’ Partners to End Child Poverty (PECP) program designed to develop national strategies with community-based organizations (54 across Canada) to advance the well-being of children, their families, and the communities in which they live.

    9085_ School Age Child Care Survey

    This project included the design and analysis of a feedback survey for parents with children in YMCA school programs in Hamilton, Burlington, and Brantford.

    9088_ Data Analysis of Mentoring Pairs for Child Care Project

    This project was an analysis of evaluation data from Early Childhood Community Development Centre (ECCDC) Niagara’s Mentoring Pairs for Child Care project. Evaluation data was gathered, analyzed, and recommendations were made.

    9107_ Evaluation of Web-Based Teaching Tool

    CCBR conducted an evaluation for Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO)’s web-based teaching tool (WBTT), an online early screening and intervention program for use by primary teachers in Ontario’s publicly funded school boards.